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Special Report from BW&BK

"When Jorn Lande was offered a slot on the WAR tour beginning in March, he told me that he would do part of it, but not all, because he had other plans for some of those dates. When he was finished with his other business, then he would rejoin the tour later. I told him that wouldn't be acceptable - it was all or none. He then signed a binding contract to perform all the shows of the complete tour. By choosing to quit the tour, he has committed a breach of a legally signed contract, and I want all of you to know that.

"I am very demanding of myself and thus I am very demanding of those around me. This intensity is sometimes misunderstood, to be sure, but it's pretty clear from concert reviews posted on the Internet that fans who have met me after the shows have a different impression from that described in Jorn's interview."

"I am extremely disappointed at Jorn's lack of professionalism. Let me state clearly that only my wife, April, was officially on tour with me. It was her job to handle the merchandise and to arrange the meet-and-greet with the fans. My mother-in-law joined us for a few days in order to bring our son to see us. My father-in-law joined us for just a day, to help us get a replacement tour bus of a better quality than the one we were trying to travel in. They were certainly not part of the tour, nor were they running my 'family business.' I'm appalled that they got dragged into this sorry mess by someone who could not control his behavior and who would just walk away from his signed contract, refusing to perform the job he was hired to do.

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