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Special Report by Martin Popoff

HOWEVER, melodicrock.com reported recently that the events transpired a little differently. The steps leading up to Lande and Macaluso leaving the tour included the fact that Lande had reportedly not been paid his salary for the past few weeks of the tour, thereby leaving the singer no way to get home. Luckily, he managed to arrange a flight for himself to Florida, where staying until April 12th, before flying home to Norway on a flight organized by his record company (for Jorn's solo project), Now & Then / Frontiers Records. Jorn was stranded just this weekend at the Canadian border with Mats Olausson after the tour manager did not process visas and work permits for Mats or Jorn in time for the Toronto show, thereby preventing the pair from crossing the border to play the gig. The tour manager was subsequently fired.

In any event, the following Yngwie interview took place before the infamous Toronto gig at The Docks, where the band played as a trio (no lead singer or keyboardist; reason given: "arrested at the border"), basically jamming, playing three Hendrix songs, two Deep Purple songs and some Yngwie instrumentals. Some liked it, some felt ripped off, but this must be said: Yngwie played and sang his heart out, was very animated and really gave it his all. Those who came to see lots of guitar could not have asked for a more illuminating show.

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