YNGWIE MALMSTEEN - Crystal Ball (Shattered?) Page 3
Special Report by Martin Popoff

All the axe legend would say about the show we were about to see, one that was almost cancelled was "I'm going to do quite a lot of blues tonight. Tonight's going to be a special gig. It's going to be totally different from all the other gigs. It's going to be a power trio. Just the three of us."

And on the subject of the road ahead: "Oh my God, we've been out for about a month. We started in Texas, gone up and down the East Coast. The American tour is 45 gigs in 50 days and the last show is in L.A. And right after the show we fly straight to Stockholm, my home town where I was born and raised, although I don't live there anymore of course. And then we tour Europe for about a month and a half. Then I go to Tokyo and perform three nights with a symphony, the classical work. And then we carry on to Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, I think New Zealand and Australia. And then we go back to Japan and do War To End All Wars, so we do two Japanese tours. And then I think it's South America after that. It's what we call a world tour (laughs)."

The Yngiwe press release closes in a positive note: "War To End All Wars has sold more copies than any Yngwie album here in the USA in the past 10 years, and the current 2001 World Tour is Yngwie's biggest since 1992. Keep the faith, and watch for tour updates here as soon as we receive them."