Y&T - Going Dutch! Page 3
by Martin Popoff

There's also dedication to pain behind the drum kit, with a post-show shot of drummer Mike Vanderhule's bruised and battered hands - all in the service of making 'Open Fire' and 'Black Tiger' and 'Hurricane' peel rubber in a hot and sweaty club.

"Oh yeah, every once in a while you get to the point where you are playing so hard for so many days in a row, and certain blisters start to come up that you don't normally get. And I think he had a couple of raw blisters on his hand that he was dealing with at that time so he was trying to tape them up and get through the night. It happens occasionally with drummers. That's a difficult instrument to play night after night. It's a pretty physical job."

"We don't have any new records coming out at the moment," offers Dave in closing, asked about Y&T news he'd like to get out there. "But come January, February, sometime around there, we should be having a couple of months off, and we're hoping that we're going to spend that time to write some new material and come up with a new record. Re-release-wise, we reissued Black Tiger, and Mean Streak, and In Rock We Trust on CD, remastered them and those are all great. And the next ones we're thinking of doing before the end of the year, hopefully, are the two independent CDs we did in the '90s, Musically Incorrect and Endangered Species, and we're going to put them together in a double CD package and release those hopefully by the end of this year - which means we have a lot of work we have to do when we get home in November from this tour."

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