Y&T - Icemelter!
by Martin Popoff

Heavens be praised, Dave Meniketti and his current lineup of Y&T recently tripped through a tundra-like Toronto, playing their first gig here since... wait for it... 1985!

Tracks from the latest album, 2010's Facemelter were sent charging out from the stage in front of an adoring packed house at The Rockpile, with Dave, in-betwixt, promising the throngs that given the response, he plans to bring Y&T back real soon.

Wishing to keep it current, given so many chats with Dave in the past about the past (see my "making of" eBooks, covering Black Tiger and Earthshaker, at www.zunior.com; Struck Down chapter in my Ye Olde Metal: 1978!), I asked Meniketti (a genetically modified splice between EVH and The Red Rocker!) to frame Facemelter for us, in terms of the making and baking...

"Sure, well, this is one of those records where we knew we had to get back and get creative again. We kept sort of pushing ourselves against that for a little while and just going with playing material from all of our previous records. And you know, it was just going to be obvious after a certain point of time, okay, we're stable, this band unit is exactly what we're going to be doing, and we need to put something new on the table. So it was kind of about a year in the making before we actually got the gears rolling, right? Because we've been working so long and hard, playing about 60 to 70 shows a year, and so a lot of times that ends up consuming your whole year, the way it spaced out."

"So we finally just said, okay, we've got to make a commitment, let's do it. And so at the end of 2009, right after we played our last show of the year, which was sometime around December 1st, we just said okay, let's consciously make an effort to take four months off, January through April, and let's get it done. And that's exactly what we did. We literally started writing from December through to March, and even, literally, at the last minute, writing some new stuff about three weeks before the thing was mixed."

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