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by Martin Popoff

"So you know, we finished it all up," continues Dave, accompanied on tour not only by guitarist John Nymann, bassist Brad Lang and vague Haze-alike drummer Mike Vanderhule, but also his wife and capable manager Jill. "The vibe was very, very good. The cool thing about it was we were so long from our last production record, that we, of course, were a little freaked-out going into it, thinking, are we still going to be able to write well together as a band? Well, it was a stupid and even dumb thing to think, because just like any other thing, when you know what you're doing, and you've done it for so many years, it just comes right back to you."

"And so we were writing, and after the first two weeks, we already had great material going, and it gave us the inspiration to write the rest of the record really quickly. And of course, and unfortunately for us, it was Phil's (Kennemore, deceased from cancer) last record that he was going to write with us, and it was a bad time for us, but it was really good material. It was mostly written by myself and Phil, which is how most of our material has been done for the last 30 years. It was a good, straight-ahead thing, and of course the band that we have, with Mike and John, at that time, the four of us, Mike, John, Phil and myself, we had knocked out at least four years in a row, or three years in a row, of nonstop touring, so we were nice and tight. We knew what we wanted to do, and we just got in there and started jamming and all these great ideas started coming out, and it was so natural. It was a really good experience."

As evidenced at the show, Y&T's got an under-rated guitar treasure in its frontman, but also a second weapon in Nymann.

"Same heading, but coming from slightly different directions," muses Meniketti, asked to contrast his skills with the new six-stringer. "His style is quite different from mine, but an amazing player, which is really cool. I mean, this is all good stuff, but everybody's got something different to bring to the table. If we were all the same-headed about everything, I think we would be having a more one-dimensional sound. As most people know when they pick up a Y&T record, you're going to get... you can get some heavy songs, you're going to get melody always, and sometimes you're gonna get some nice, beautiful ballads and things like that, and it all works. And that comes from a collaboration standpoint, and just the fact that all of us have a severely strong background in R&B, and things that are very musical. No matter who's writing anything by themselves or together, there's any number of possibilities that can come out of each individual person's writing, so it's good."

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