Y&T - Icemelter! Page 3
by Martin Popoff

Poked to compare Facemelter to a record from the illustrious catalogue, Dave figures, "If I were to try and do that, I would say it's probably closer to Black Tiger only from the standpoint that it's very straight-ahead, basic, rock 'n' roll, just like that record was. But it sort of stands on its own because of the years we put into it, the things that we brought to the table over the years and our songwriting. It sort of has its own unique flavor, and of course we've got new players on it. We've got John and Mike playing on it, as opposed to Leonard and Joey."

Come 2014, Y&T will be celebrating its 40th anniversary, meaning... "The general idea, of course, is we're going to do a lot of touring. We're going to try to hit more festivals next year, but besides that, obvious point, we're trying to put together some sort of video of the 40th, you know, a 40th anniversary video. Somebody, numerous people, who knows how we're going to put it all together, following us on the road, taking video of us backstage, on stage, in the hotels, in the tour bus, interviewing previous band members, trying to get a full retrospective kind of thing. Shooting some live shots from the 40th year of touring--just that basic kind of approach is what we're thinking, initially."

Likely squeezed in will be a new record, but as Dave explains, the creative process for Y&T is one that goes on hold once the guys hit the road and "open fire," so to speak.

"Well, the plan is not cemented. We talked it over and said, here's what we're going to do. But we all have the basic feeling that in the moments that we have when we're not playing this year, we're going to get together and write. And we're just going to keep doing that when we have spare time between touring, with the hopes that next year we can have something finished and out, a brand-new studio record. I hate to predict things like that because predictions, when it comes to art, and especially the way that we work, it's... you know, I work off of an emotional level and off of a 'sitting down and getting into it' level. I mean, I don't write when I'm on the road or anything like that. I'm way too focused on the tour part, and so things have to sort of be scheduled for it to work right for me. So you know, we'll see what happens, but that's sort of the general plan, something by next year. I sort of put it aside when I'm on the road, because I know how much work I have, to do interviews and meet-and-greets and sound checks, and gigs, and trying to stay focused and getting enough sleep for my voice every night. I'm pretty much booked solid (laughs), when I'm on the road."