Y&T - In Earthshaking Rock We Trust! Page 4
by Martin Popoff

"And well done. Because that's the whole thing that we are really proud about with these other releases of these four CDs, is that we were able to get... because we have every piece of material that we know, from the vaults of Universal, we know what is out there. We know what are good masters to get from them. And they've been very good about complying and giving us the best quality masters that we can find, and then we remastered them ourselves, with a guy over here that I used for a couple of Y&T records previous. He does a great job. So I know that these releases are, not only out on CD, but they are the best that can be done as far as what I consider to be good, which is really good sonically. And on top of that, the band wanted to put some extra things on it, such as... we thought that we would all write how we felt, what we were going through, and so on and so forth, what every song meant to us when we were actually recording it. So we were actually going through our minds and memories and jotting those notes down, for the actual booklets of the CDs."

Did any of the guys - Joey, Leonard, Phil - surprise you with what they had to say?

"Yes, I mean, actually, whenever we go through this process, for four different CDs, I have been slightly surprised at times, by some of the reactions I get from some of the guys, when they start reflecting back, yeah. It means different things to different people, whether it's a simple thing like what they wore on the front of the record cover or some goofy story about what happened to them or what happened to us, that I completely forgot about. I think Earthshaker, if anything, was maybe slightly more predictable, because we had all... it was so clear to us what was going on with all of us. Because it was a brand-new experience. After that, when it started getting a little bit complicated and there wasn't so much time between records, such as Black Tiger, Mean Streak, In Rock We Trust, there were slightly different ideas of what the experiences were like as individuals. Because we were all going at 100 miles an hour at that point. So you're going in together, but you're also somewhat moving in different directions at the same time. You're seeing things in a different light. You know, for me as a lead guitar player and lead singer, I was doing the lion's share of the work, so I was maybe around more often for certain things in the studio than the other guys. They perhaps were seeing it from another angle, or who knows what was going on? So you get all these different experiences for different people. But I think Earthshaker was a little more predictable. I think what everyone was saying on that record, I completely understood, and it didn't shock me at all."

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