ZAKK WYLDE - Guardian Angel or Harvester Of Sorrow?
Special Report by Martin Popoff

In Zakk Wylde news, he and his Black Label Society band are touring with Ozzfest, on the backs of their new Alcohol Fueled Brewtality Live!! + 5 2CD set, out now on Spitfire, featuring a wild acoustic version of 'Snowblind' and the band's behemoth rendition of 'No More Tears'. And slowly, between the cracks, he and his chapter are working on the next Black Label album. But of course, Zakk's other big concern is writing and recording for the next Ozzy Osbourne album (due out in October), a record he will be touring as well. Stone Cold Steve Austin is also getting the benefit of the Zakk attack, something Wylde was working on in between interviews.

Here's Zakk on the progress of the new Ozzy. I usually, as a rule, edit out 2/5 of the f**kin''s and 3/7's of the f**king's, but Zakk's particular parlance has been left intact for the following update. His poetic delivery really gets the urgency of the situation across. Who will Ozzy listen to? Which Oz shoulder does Zakk hover above? Pitchfork or wings? Bat or dove? Halloween album or Christmas album? Pictures at eleven.

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