ZAKK WYLDE - Guardian Angel or Harvester Of Sorrow? Page 3
Special Report by Martin Popoff

"I think Dave Grohl wrote a tune for it. But it's a big business thing too. I mean, I remember that they were f**king trying to get that f**king motherf**ker from The Offspring to write a f**king track and I said you are f**king out of your f**king... what, are they handing crack around this place?! A guy from the f**king Offsping?! That guy wouldn't know a heavy riff if it landed on him. And they're like (in a weasel voice) 'well, you know, they sold laaatsa raaacords.' It's like, I don't give a f**k! You know, f**king Backstreet Boys are selling more records than anybody. What are we going to do? Put one of their f**king songs on the record!? Get the f**k out of here. It's like, you can go up and perform that shit, you know what I mean? You'll be able to play it once, and you'll get a f**king broken bottle over your head, and you'll be in a f**king cast. It ain't gonna be my ass up there."

So that begs the million dollar question: is it sounding heavy?

"Well, I'm trying my f**king damndest. I mean, obviously some of these other ones, you know, some of them might not make the record. Some of them might, you know what I mean? But I'm trying to do everything I f**king can to make them f**king heavy. And I've been explaining to the producer Tim Palmer, dude, we can't be f**king making a cheese fluff f**king album. You know, if I gotta make a f**king Aerosmith record, f**king shoot me now. You what I mean? And it's like, 'well, they're selling lots of records.' You know what, though? Who f**king cares?! They suck!! I'd rather f**king... you know (sighs)... it's just like f**king, have something you're proud of, man, not that f**king piece of shit."