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by Martin Popoff

And the production of the album as a (w)hole? "Let me think. Raw is the first word that comes to mind. It's pure... gee, I can think of all kinds of things. I think all those good ol' cliches would stand. Delivering the goods. We just want to be a good metal band. We really tried not to be so silly this time around. We wanted to be a little more traditional, I think is a better word." "It was pretty much completed before Gene came in," continues Jed, asked if the mighty percussion machine contributed to the writing at all. "But he Gene-isized it, I guess you would say. He added his flair, and it might not be as complex as some stuff he played on. In fact, it's not even close as some of the stuff he's done. But we're not that kind of a band. He knows how to play to whatever situation is put in front of him. He's such a special drummer. He gave it his stamp, and made the parts that were already written that much better."

Known for their covers and riff quotes, I asked Jed if any covers were considered this time around...

"Yeah, we had a couple wind up... and we actually recorded one that will probably appear as a bonus track. We did 'In League With Satan' (laughs). And it wasn't meant to be on the record. We just did it because that's what the album was all about. We thought, why not do it? We just kind of ripped it off in one or two takes. It's going to appear somewhere as a bonus track. But other than that, we wanted to step away from taking riffs and incorporating other people stuff in the songs. We just wanted to become our own band. You know, other than the obvious Exodus nod, which I think was integral to the album, as far as I was concerned, and the one little Pestilence riff. I have to get my Pestilence in there. But yeah, that's 'Bonded By Blood'. And then there is the Pestilence riff at the end of a song called '1312' (sings it). That's the only riffs we stole at all. There are a couple other subtle ones, but I'm not going to tell you those."

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