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8/30/19 Page 5

STARGAZER has released their second single "I'm The One". After years of struggle on the tiny hard rock scene of Norway playing festivals and support for bands like Jorn, Stage Dolls, DAD, Gary Moore, Nazareth and more, Stargazer is now ready to take on the world with their second album, The Sky Is The Limit. The album will be released in October through Mighty Music. Founded by Tore Andre Helgemo and William Ernstsen in 2008, with its origin spinning out from the band Friend, which were founded by Tore Andre in 2005, the first time William and Tore Andre got to know each other. Since then they have developed their music through some lineup changes and finally in 2008 they even changed band name to Stargazer, marking a new beginning, but still keeping some of the good material from their first three years inside the band. Check out a video for the song below:

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