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9/6/19 Page 5

Aussie metalheads AIRBOURNE have released an official music video for their new album's title track, "Boneshaker"; shot during both the band's mainstage performance at this year's Wacken Festival in Germany, and headline set at Skogsrojet Festival in Sweden. The video for "Boneshaker" perfectly captures the adrenaline-inducing Airbourne live show experience. "We didn't wanna f**k around with storylines or any of that shit," says Airbourne frontman, Joel O'Keeffe, "plus we f**kin' love Wacken. This year was our fourth time playing there and it marked their 30th anniversary. We debuted our new single 'Boneshaker' in front of 90,000 people... here it is on film, crank it up and rock out to the max!"

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