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Ahead of Ratt's concert on September 14 at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Atlantic, New Jersey, frontman ad very longtime HardRadio friend STEPHEN PEARCY spoke with Ryan Loughlin for Atlantic City Weekly. Read an excerpt from the interview: What is touring these days like compared to how it was in the '80s? Stephen Pearcy: "Well, I'm surprised we all made it through the '80s! (Laughs.) But now it's about business. We've done the fun and that's over with. Nowadays we take much better care of ourselves and the music." Do you still enjoy it like you did back then? Pearcy: "Sure. I just try to have a good time. It's still a party to me. You don't have to go to the actual party, but it's still fun." Do you have any plans for a new record? Pearcy: "Yes, there's plans for new music, without a doubt. We're deciding now how we want to go about releasing it, whether it will be a full record or just a bunch of singles. I think we will probably go that route though, release a few singles, see how people take to it and the rest is easy."

KISS drummer and Friend to Law Enforcement ERIC SINGER has accepted an Honorary Corporal position with the Wharton, Texas Police Department. Before the start of KISS' End Of The Road concert in Houston, Chief Terry David Lynch swore in Singer, who accepted the lifetime position, a formal letter from the Chief, and a custom shadow box bearing the department's insignia for presentation purposes. The letter from the Chief to Singer read in part, "On behalf of Chief Terry David Lynch, and the men and women of the Wharton Police Department, we appoint you to the rank of Honorary Corporal with our department, in grateful acknowledgement of the honor and respect you show all of America's dedicated law enforcement heroes and their families."

SHOCKWAVES SKULLSESSIONS #31 features bass legends Bob Daisley and John Gallagher (Raven), who join HardRadio's Bob Nalbandian as the three discuss the mighty Bob Daisley's extensive musical catalog from his early days with Widowmaker, Rainbow and Ozzy to his time with Uriah Heep, Black Sabbath and Gary Moore. Both Bob Daisley and John Gallagher share some incredible stories from the 70s and 80s. Check it out at spreaker.com.

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