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9/20/19 Page 2

Former TNT vocalist TONY MILLS - who replaced singer Tony Harnell and was with the band from 2006-2013, has passed away at 57 following a six-month battle with pancreatic cancer. Tony's wife, Linda, shared the sad news of his passing with the following: "It is with a shattered heart that I announce the passing of my loving husband and best friend Tony Mills. He was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer in April of this year and lived his life to the fullest until he exhaled for the last time in my arms. He wanted to live, but wasn't afraid of death. "Most will know him through his incredible contribution to the music world as a singer in bands like Shy and TNT as well as a solo artist and session vocalist. He leaves behind him a legacy that will live on for many lifetimes. "Those people closest to him will also know him as a gentle and kind soul, a dedicated husband with a love for the quiet life, his animals and his motorbikes. His sense of humour was always on point. His last summer was the happiest in his life, at the end of each day he exclaimed, 'It's been another fantastic day!' He spent a lot of time in his workshop fixing up his dirt bike so he could ride it later this autumn. The evening before he passed, he managed to whisper: 'I've had a good life. I've had a GOOD life. I'm just a bit pissed about the bike'." - Linda Mills

Motorhead's official website has announced that the band's first guitarist LARRY WALLIS has passed away at the age of 70. Wallis played on the Motorhead album, On Parole, which was shelved for four years until the band grabbed success with the charts and a rabid following. Although recorded in 1975, the LP became the fourth album released. Despite leaving the group in 1976, Wallis is cited as co-writer on "Vibrator", one of the album's stand out tracks. Larry Wallis went on to become a record producer at new punk and new wave label Stiff Records. He recorded a song single "Police Car"/"On Parole" for Stiff. The single was produced by Nick Lowe. "Police Car" was later covered by The Members. The Wreckless Eric albums A Louder Silence and Wreckless Eric were also produced by Wallis. In 1987 Wallis reformed his pre-Motorhead band, The Pink Fairies. They recorded and released a new album, Kill 'Em And Eat 'Em, in 1987. In all of that time Wallis only released one solo album, Death In The Guitafternoon, in 2001. Another stand out track for which Larry will always be associated with is the anthem, "On Parole".

"It is with regret that we have to announce the rescheduling of the remaining Saxon shows in 2019," starts a message from British heavy metal legends and very longtime HardRadio friends SAXON. "Lead Vocalist BIFF BYFORD has been diagnosed with a heart condition that requires immediate surgery and a post op recovery period that will last into the new year." Says Biff: "As everyone knows now we are going to have to reschedule some of the shows because I need an operation on my heart which should be happening next week. There is nothing more I can say really, I am just sorry for causing all the disappointment to peoples plans for coming to see us. I know people are flying from all over the World to see the shows but there is nothing I can do so please wish me luck and send me some good vibes. We have to look positive on this and I will coming back as strong as before hopefully."

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