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"I don't want it to be an autobiography - I want it to be more of a memoir," Judas Priest frontman and very longtime HardRadio friend ROB HALFORD says in regards to his upcoming book. "It's going to have a lot of things in there that you're going to go, 'Oh, I'm not really interested in that.' You're also going to go, 'Oh my God, I never knew he did that!' But it's going to make you feel happy, it's going to make you feel sad. It's going to make you feel angry, it's going to shock you. It's going to have all of the things that I think have been in most people's lives." Halford says the book is currently being mapped out. "The work has actually started," he says. "It's coming together and it's exciting, and I think we're hoping for it to be released sometime toward the back end of 2020, hopefully." Read the full interview with Halford at ultimateclassicrock.com.

To celebrate each of the iconic studio albums from very longtime HardRadio friends IRON MAIDEN - Trooper and Robinsons Brewery have launched exclusive collector bottle caps. Appearing on all Trooper beer from October, including limited edition Halloween inspired Day Of The Dead bottles, the unique bottle caps commemorate every record from Iron Maiden's self-titled album, released in 1980 until 2015's award-winning and #1 album, The Book Of Souls. Around for a limited time only, two million of the collectable bottle caps will be available globally wherever Trooper beer in bottle is sold - some cap designs are more difficult to find than others.

METAL BLADE RECORDS has opened a store at the Antique Mall Of America in Las Vegas, NV. Full of Metal Blade collectibles and out-of-print items that can't be found anywhere else, fans can visit the location to get their fix of rare vinyl, t-shirts, CDs and more. Metal Blade founder and CEO and very longtime HardRadio friend Brian Slagel comments: "We have so much cool Metal Blade things that we want to share with you. This is a great way to provide fans with an opportunity to get many rare and unique items. It is a full on Metal Blade store in a unique environment here in Las Vegas. Hope you guys will all come check it out!"

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