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9/9/21 Page 2

Very longtime HardRadio friend BILL CHAVIS - the head of HighVolMusic, has passed away due to COVID-19. He was the heart and soul behind the label and previously ran Chavis Records. On August 16th, Chavis posted the following message on Facebook: "Just a quick update: I'm not well. In fact, I checked out yesterday and they brought me back. I'm in ICU; going to be in here for a while and don't know if I'll make it out. To all my friends, thank you. To all my artists, thank you. To my staff, thank you. Hug your loved ones take care of each other. Covid is no joke. I'm living in its hell right now. Love you all." HighVolMusic's roster of artists included Ron Keel, Every Mother's Nightmare, Native Sons, P.J. Farley (Trixter), Snake Eyes Sven, A Rising Force, and Thrill Ride. Chavis Records previously worked with Keel, BulletBoys and Quiet Riot.

METAL AGAINST CORONAVIRUS has released Destroy the Beast Volume II, now available as a 6-track EP featuring artists such as Danko Jones, Dirk Verbeuren (Megadeth), Marcelo Vasco (Slayer, Kreator, Testament), Kelly Conlon (ex-Death), Kelly McLauchlin (I Am Morbid, ex-Possessed), Bill Hudson (Doro, Nightale), Dave Ingram (Benediction), Per Sodo Eriksson (ex-Katatonia, ex-Bloodbath), Alex Okendo (Masacre), Anton Reisengger (Brujeria, Lock Up, Pentagram, Criminal), Daniel Dekay (Exciter), Fotis Benardo (Nightfall, SixForNine), Roberto Toderico (Asphyx, Tygers Of Pan Tang), Michael Borders (Massacre), Tim Steinruck (The Mighty One), Vincent Verstrepen (Carnation), Ian Jekelis (Aborted), and many more. Details are at metalagainstcoronavirus.bandcamp.com.

Vocalist Pamela Moore - best known for singing the part of Sister Mary on Queensryche's 1988 breakthrough album, Operation: Mindcrime - has organized a GoFundMe campaign to benefit SCOTT "FOZZY" O'HARE. According to a post on Moore's Facebook page, O'Hare, who worked as the progressive metal band's tour manager for 16 years, suffered a series of debilitating strokes in mid-August. The GoFundMe web page for the campaign states that as a result, O'Hare's vision has been significantly impaired and he is in physical therapy to treat paralysis on his left side. To donate, go to gofundme.com/f/help-fozzyscott-ohare-with-medical-bills.

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