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hard birthdays
Gary Cherone (EXTREME, VAN HALEN) July 26, 1961
Andy Timmons (DANGER DANGER) July 26, 1963
Mark Geary (DANGEROUS TOYS) - July 27
Bobby Rondinelli (RAINBOW, BLACK SABBATH, BLUE OYSTER CULT) - July 27, 1955
Rex Brown (PANTERA, DOWN, KILL DEVIL HILL) - July 27, 1964
Simon Kirke (BAD COMPANY) - July 28, 1949
Jurgen Rosenthal (SCORPIONS) - July 28, 1949
Steve Morse (DIXIE DREGS, DEEP PURPLE) - July 28, 1954
Gregg Giuffria (ANGEL, HOUSE OF LORDS, GIUFFRIA)- July 28, 1951
Michael Amott (CARCASS, ARCH ENEMY, SPIRITUAL BEGGARS) - July 28, 1970

this day in hard history
July 26, 1976: TED NUGENT's self-titled sixth album goes gold.
July 26, 1992: KISS frontman/guitarist Paul Stanley marries model Pamela Bowen in Los Angeles.
July 26, 1993: DEEP PURPLE release The Battle Rages On.
July 26, 1994: FATES WARNING release Inside Out.
July 26, 2005: YNGWIE MALSTEEN releases Unleash The Fury and NEVERMORE release This Godless Endeavor.

July 27, 1977: LED ZEPPELIN's U.S. tour ends abruptly with seven dates to go when vocalist Robert Plant's six year old son Karac dies unexpectedly of a respiratory ailment in England.
July 27, 1979: AC/DC release Highway To Hell.
July 27, 1979: ALICE COOPER's Indian art store in Scottsdale, Arizona is hit by a firebomb. Gone are $200,000 worth of artifacts and some of Cooper's gold records, which were stored in the back. Cooper said maybe a "disco-music freak" was responsible because he had been making some anti disco remarks.
July 27, 1984: METALLICA release Ride the Lightning, PANTERA release Projects In The Jungle, and QUIET RIOT release Condition Critical.
July 27, 1991: WARRANT's Jani Lane and model Bobbie Brown are married.
July 27, 2012: TESTAMENT release Dark Roots of Earth.

July 28, 1975: BLACK SABBATH release Sabotage.
July 28, 1979: TED NUGENT, JOURNEY, AEROSMITH and THIN LIZZY headline the World Series of Rock at Cleveland Stadium.
July 28, 1979: RAINBOW release Down To Earth.
July 28, 1995: JIMI HENDRIX' father James Al Hendrix wins back the rights to his son's name, likeness, image and music after a number of compaines had profited from them over the years.
July 28, 1998: ANTHRAX release Volume 8: The Threat Is Real.
July 28, 2011: MELIAH RAGE release Dead To The World.

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