MSG Interview
By Bob Nalbandian

I met up with the members of MSG, minus Michael Schenker, in their tour bus just prior to their show in Sacramento. The band just started their US tour with guitar God Uli Roth supporting - a killer package, to say the least! I would soon witness two of the greatest guitar legends onstage at the intimate Roadhouse nightclub in our Capitol city. I chatted with the chaps, Chris Logan (vox), Wayne Findlay (keys and guitar), Rev Jones (bass) and Pete Holmes (drums), about the tour, their side band Black Symphony, and the recently released live MSG DVD

ShockWaves: This show in Sac is your third show on the MSG / Uli Roth tour-which I think is one of the greatest showcases of guitar talent. How did this tour come about?
Chris: Actually that was suggested by Mike Varney of Shrapnel Records, and Michael was all for that idea.

SW: Had Michael been in touch with Uli since they both left Scorpions years ago?
Pete: I believe so. I heard that Michael had also suggested Uli for this tour, they had been friends for many years, and they wanted to do something different.

SW: Are there any plans that Uli will perform live with MSG on any of the shows?
Pete: There's been talk about doing that for the San Antonio show, we'll be playing with Montrose too

SW: I heard about that show-MSG, Montrose, Legs Diamond, and Starz-what a killer bill. I've seen MSG several times but the last time I saw Uli perform was the "Beyond the Astral Skies" tour.
Pete: He said it's been 19 years since he's played America.

SW: Three of you guys (Wayne, Rev, and Pete) are also in the band Black Symphony. Is that band still together?
Rev: We actually folded Black Symphony and started a new band. We released our third album and than fired our singer and we're now in the process of finding the right guy. We've already changed singers once, between the first and second album. We decided to start over from scratch this time. We're still looking for a singer.

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