MSG Interview Page 2
By Bob Nalbandian

SW: I know you guys have been recording and touring with MSG for a while. How did you come about joining forces with Michael Schenker?
Rev: Well, Jeff Martin was our first drummer in Black Symphony, and he did the UFO tour a few years ago. Just before he recorded [the MSG album] "Be Aware of Scorpions," Michael asked him if he knew of any bass players and he hooked me up. And then I called Chris, who used to mow my lawn [laughs]. That's how I met Wayne, he did the previous tours with Michael. That's how Wayne got involved in our project [Black Symphony].
Chris: Michael had asked Mike Varney if he knew of any vocalists and Mike recommended me, so I put a demo together and sent it out to Michael and apparently he liked it.

SW: I heard MSG is releasing a new DVD, "Live From Poland"?
Wayne: It actually just came out, and it is amazing. All the European shows went over great and this video really captures the MSG live experience.

SW: Is the DVD released worldwide through SPV?
Pete: Actually, Metal Mike Productions released it, which is a company out of Poland.
Rev: You can buy it through and I strongly suggest you buy it. It's got great footage of Michael, it literally blows away any of the previously released live MSG videos.
Wayne: The quality is unbelievable.

SW: The latest MSG CD, Aractophobia, was released sometime last year, correct?
Chris: It was released on Shrapnel in June of 2003. It was co-produced by Mike Varney and Steve Fontano.

SW: What projects have you been involved with Pete? I know you played with Black'n'Blue throughout the '80s.
Pete: I did all the Black'n'Blue albums. I did the Black Symphony albums, and now I'm doing the Michael Schenker stuff. Rev suggested me for MSG last year...
Wayne: I suggested you
Pete: Okay, Wayne suggested me...
Wayne: When Michael was looking for a touring band, I suggested Rev, since he played with us on the "Beware of Scorpions" album and then I asked Michael if he was gonna hire Jeremy [played drums on "Be Aware of Scorpions"] but Jeremy was out on tour with Steve Vai. So I then suggested Pete Holmes.
Pete: I did Black Symphony, and now MSG, so someday I'm gonna grow up to be Jeff Martin - I'm following him every step of the way.
Rev: Next thing you know, you'll be singing for Racer X [Laughs].

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