DAVE MUSTAINE Interview Page 2
By Bob Nalbandian

BN: Since the conception of Megadeth, you've gone through several guitarists and drummers, but David Ellefson (bass) was always a mainstay from day one. That must have been difficult parting ways with David...
DM: It wasn't. Back during the Cryptic Writings tour I was gonna let Nick go and Marty (Friedman) had told me "we need to get rid of Ellefson too". And I was surprised, because I'd been sticking up for David with the producers all this time, they all wanted to get rid of him and bring in a session guy. Before this new record was to be made, I was still intending to use session guys to cut the record, but I figured I would call up the Rust In Peace line-up and get them on tape to see if they can beat any of the performances. Nick was in, Marty wanted to know everything six ways out of Sunday...he wanted to know all the details. I'm like, dude, you're just going to be soloing on a record, I can't imagine you ask these questions to other guys you did solos for on a record. And Ellefson wanted too much money. He wanted my publishing when the recorded was completely written - it was done. He just wanted more money than I felt he was worth.

BN: How in the hell did Vinnie Colaiuta come into the fold? Being a huge session drummer for the biggest name bands in pop, jazz, and fusion, I find it surprising he would record with Megadeth!
DM: Do you know how badly he wanted to do this record? He's been performing for artists like Sting and Faith Hill, and he has the chance to come in and belt blazing drum tracks with Dave Mustaine...doing lead drums...I mean, come on. I was so intimidated by him, when I first went in I shook his hand and said "I thought you were black." He started laughing, since he's this large Italian man. I just wanted to clear the air and make things fun from the get-go and let him know I'm a prankster. And then we just started recording, I would play air-drums on certain parts and said "do this", but I still gave him artistic license to do what he needed to do. And it was brilliant, he did the whole record in three days.

BN: The new album sounds incredible! It totally brings me back to the early years. Did you envision this album as sort of a "rebirth" of Megadeth?
DM: Actually, what it is...it's funeral marching music, because Megadeth is over. This is the last record and the last tour.

BN: So it is true, will this truly be the end of Megadeth? Do you plan on other musical ventures? I remember you once discussed with me about a Dave Mustaine solo album with guest musicians...
DM: That's what this album was originally intended to be. It turned out kind of funky with everything - but now given the lawsuits and such, there will never be a reunion...never. There's a difference between having a dispute and getting it settled [apparently referring to the pending lawsuit with Ellefson] verses trying to assassinate somebody's character.

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