DAVE MUSTAINE Interview Page 4
By Bob Nalbandian

BN: Did you ever consider asking Jason Newsted to play bass for this tour?
DM: I would love to have Jason Newsted play with me. I think it would be fun just to stick it up Metallica's ass. But I know he's got several projects going on at the moment and don't know if he could commit for an entire tour. This will be a long tour, it's not just 20 shows in America , it's gonna go on through next summer. So I don't want somebody who's gonna play five gigs with me and then say something like, "I got an opportunity to play with VoiVod again".

BN: What ever happened to Lee Rausch, your original drummer?
DM: I don't know. He wasn't necessarily an original drummer. He was a guy that we really liked, and then one day sitting on the steps of Billy Cordero's house, when David Ellefson and I were squatting...we just kind of met this kid, went to his house and filtrated his bedroom and never left for a couple months. Lee was telling us how he had given his soul to Satan, and I know enough about Black Magic that if you really do the actual act of giving your soul to Satan, you have to have sex with Satan to consecrate the deal. You had to have sex and have a Satanic Priest take the embodiment of Satan on so he can sodomize you. And I asked him, "So, who was the Priest?" And he said, "My Priest was a guy named David." I was like..."I'm out of here!"

BN: Enough about the past. Let's talk about the new record, The System Has Failed. The album sounds incredible, and, as you mentioned earlier, it sounds like you really enjoyed recording this record, and seems like you just went in with the intention of simply making a killer Megadeth record without any pressure from the label. It seems as though the label basically gave you the reigns- is that the case?
DM: That's exactly what the label said...have you been reading my mail?

BN: This sounds like the album you've been wanting to put out for a long time...
DM: After Risk, I told the guys, "we need to make a metal record again." And that's basically why Marty quit, he said "I'm not making metal music anymore." The thing that I found highly hypocritical was that he left Megadeth to go do Jap-pop and then made a solo record called "Speeding for Metal," or whatever it was called. Don't think the fans don't see the hypocrisy in your reasons for leaving Megadeth. And he blames me because my lyrics were too negative and my songs were too formulated. Prior to Marty joining Megadeth, we were very jazz-oriented, it was after he got in the band when it became very...verse, chorus, verse, chorus, solo...

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