By Bob Nalbandian

I recently spent a day with former Scorpions drummer Herman Rarebell while he was on a short visit in Los Angeles. We spoke about his past with the Scorpions, his record label with Prince Albert, and his current projects including his upcoming autobiographical book Here I Am and his upcoming concept tour of "Art Meets Music". Without further ado, here's a Q&A with Herman Ze German...

SW: Shockwaves.
HR: Herman Rarebell

SW: So you recently wrote a book called Here I Am [released in Germany and soon to be released in the US] about your musical and personal history, what inspired you to write this book?
HR: Well, there was a desire to write about my life, and 20 years of my life I spent with the Scorpions, so the biggest part of the book is about my life with the Scorpions. The idea was basically to keep the history of this band, and I have a lot of personal information which not many people know, which I'm sure is interesting for Scorpions fans.

SW: Can you share some of these stories with us?
HR: Yes, the first tour we did in Japan was our big dream of being rock stars coming true. Kids in the airport were screaming for us, we had sex parties and were invited to a Geisha House and got full sexual massages. And it blew me away, at the time, I couldn't believe the difference in society and culture in Japan. After this, we became big in Germany and then we conquered the United States, and of course for us America was our dream. From the rock star side, all the wonderful chicks here - in the '80s the AIDS problem didn't exist as much as it does nowadays so we had complete sexual freedom - and just being on-stage every night. Of course in the book I write about how every album was made and why Uli Roth left the band and about Michael Schenker and Matthias Jabs coming in. I also write about friends I have met in my life, like Prince Albert, Gorbatschow, Boris Becker, Jon Bon Jovi, Tommy Lee, Tina Turner...all those people. There's some good inside information in the book. I think it's a must for every Scorpions fan, since you are getting the facts from somebody who has been in the band for 20 years.

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