HERMAN RAREBELL Interview Page 4
By Bob Nalbandian

SW: You replaced Rudy Lenners on drums. What ever happened to Rudy?
HR: It's funny you say that, I actually met Rudy last year at Midem (music convention in southern France). Rudy is now a teacher for handicapped children. He was not interested to continue playing with the Scorpions so in 1977 he left to continue with school. That is when I joined, I passed the audition and then they asked me to come back with them to Hannover, which I did.

SW: So what were your reasons for leaving the Scorpions?
HR: My reasons were very simple, in 1996, after I spent 20 years with the band, I had an offer to do Monaco Records together with Prince Albert in Monte Carlo. I figured it was time to do something new, so I did. All the music from that label can be heard on www.monacorecords.com. Included with my book, I added a CD that features some highlights from all those Monaco Records artists, all of who I wrote and played together with. It features ten wonderful rock ballads. I am currently doing a new thing called "Art Meets Music" and the idea is to tour the world with very famous painters - you can read more about this at www.artmeetsmusic.net. I think this could create a new venture with rock stars who you all know, but most of them are also painters, folks like Ronnie Wood or Paul McCartney. My intentions are to go out with those paintings on the road with a great new band and introduce this new concept of "Art Meets Music." So you can see pictures at the same time you can hear music. I think it will be a great new concept to turn music fans onto art.

For more information on Herman Rarebell and his current projects please visit: www.herman-ze-german.com